i hate the word ‘clean’ applied to food.  ‘clean eating’. it’s just another dickhead way to call poor people dirty when they don’t have the time/energy/money to cook and eat wild line-caught salmon and ethically farmed organic quinoa


there is no one definition for clean eating. clean eating is an umbrella term and does not encompass one kind of person. clean eating is what you want it to be. generally, i’ve seen it be described as limiting processed foods and added sugars, eating more whole foods ie brown rice, bumping up your veggies which on average cost me no more than $1.49 if i buy frozen, and reducing saturated fat which is actually more beneficial for bank accounts in my experience. no one is calling anyone dirty, that is grossly hyperbolic language. for most of us, it’s about ingredients. if you choose to look into it more, you will see that those who are sincere about their clean eating and aren’t using it for status don’t care if you eat organically all the time. i don’t care if you eat quinoa and i don’t care if you catch your own salmon with your bare teeth. we understand what budgets are. eating clean is something people do to better themselves and their nutrition, or it’s a lifestyle change that THEY want to make. it’s not about calling poor people dirty; it’s about being better for ourselves in a way that we perceive we can be better. 

skimthrough: shared last night that Diem Brown has been diagnosed with colon cancer. She was filming a reality show abroad - likely the newest season of MTV’s The Challenge - when she collapsed and had to be flown to a hospital in New York. She has endured multiple surgeries and complications, is now in stable condition, and will hopefully start chemo soon.

If you follow The Challenge, you know how much of a fighter Diem is, both in the competition and in her personal life, as she has battled ovarian cancer twice already in the last nine years. She won both of those battles, and she’s going to win this one too.

Diem’s family and friends have set up a page on Diem’s patient registry website, MedGift, asking for donations to help cover the cost of Diem’s exorbitant medical bills this time around. Click here to learn more and donate to Diem’s MedGift page.

You can also tweet your support to Diem at @DiemBrownMTV.

We love you, Diem! You’ve got this.

JR once had a dream that their plane to Paris crashed…” (x)